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To support and promote professionally-recognized and relevant credentials for physicians in the specialty of Medical Quality Management.


The mission of the American Board of Medical Quality is to evaluate and certify professionals and programs in the science and management of improving clinical processes and outcomes in systems that service and deliver health care.

Test Development

The role of American Board of Medical Quality (ABMQ), incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1998, is to establish examination, certification and evaluation procedures for professionals and programs that present evidence of expertise, experience, and training in the field of Medical Quality Management. The core curriculum, as continually defined and developed by professional organizations such as the American College of Medical Quality (ACMQ) is, and will continue to be, the foundation and source material for (a) the development of examinations that can lead to the certification of individuals as specialists in Medical Quality Management, and (b) the evaluation of quality improvement programs. Data and information resulting from these activities will feed back into the continuous review and update of the core body of knowledge.